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More Content. More Traffic.

MashupXFeed™ is an online service to boost traffic to your website. It brings fresh and new content to your website.Discover how it works, what great benefits you’ll get. Depending on your business, you will find a use case for you where MashupXFeed™ will increase traffic on your websites.

“Developing the content of a website is a time consuming task, but necessary to improve the quality of your site and its SEO. The GreenIvory team looked at this issue and developed MashupXFeed™, a free service using mashup intelligently to develop the content of your site.”
Greg Arnould, Community Manager, Blueboat

Why use MashupXFeed™

  • Fresh Content – Enhanced SEO
    • By bringing fresh content on a regular basis, your website is more visible as search engine robots come more often, index more pages.
    • As a result, the website has become #6 on Google, without specific SEO activity; new keywords have been discovered of the Abbott Laboratories, Inc.’s Neonova website Abbott Laboratories, Inc.’s Neonova website.
  • Nice Content – More efficient website
  • Friendly Content

How does it work

Basic Principle

Okay, this is going to be technical… Our technical team wanted get involved in this page, so we had to let them…

MashupXFeed™ first aggregates content, as articles, from various sources and feeds.
Articles are then cleansed to remove improper content, ads, images, improper content & format, spam…
Once an article is clean, it can be annotated. The annotation adds important meta information like geographical information.
We then enter the publishing side where we first filter the content according to your needs. Filtering can be soft like positive-only news or hard using keywords, etc.
Once we know the article is a good one, we enhance or even enrich it… This is where our MashupOverlay™ technology comes into play.
Finally, we publish the enhanced content to your website, in the requested categories, sub categories, sections, etc.

Supported CMS (Content Management System)

Currently we support:

  • MashupXFeed™ SDK
  • DirectNews
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • OsCommerce + NewsDesk
  • Webagoo
  • WordPress
  • Others (by request)

For details about versions, please consult the website: MashupXFeed™.

MashupXFeed™ SDK

MashupXFeed™ SDK for MashupXFeed™ is for users who do not have a CMS (Content Management System), and also provides functionality to those who work with a proprietary or unsupported CMS.

“I had a site that was managed by a CMS owner, so I couldn’t use MashupXFeed™ Free when it came out. With the generic driver MashupXFeed™ SDK this is no longer an issue. I was able to install and use MashupXFeed™ easily.”
Emmanuel Simler of Natevia

MashupXFeed™ SDK is compatible with all current editions of MashupXFeed™. It is a generic driver whose installation takes less than 15 minutes. However, the use of this driver does have some prerequisites:

  • You must have a PHP5 server
  • A database server
  • Knowledge in PHP / MySQL

Installing MashupXFeed™ SDK allows it to receive information but it will not exploit this information. It complements the system with a few lines of code to allow new articles to display on the site.

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